What Issues do Children Face Growing up in the 21st Century?

Two Children PlayingBeing a child is tough. We thought so when we were children and today’s children think so, too. Still, much like us, they will grow up and realise that actually, it isn’t too bad being small, with no responsibilities or obligations to worry about.

That said, there are still a number of issues that children have to tackle when they are growing up on 21st Century Earth. We looked at the most common of these.


Bad Toys

You don’t need to be in Toys R Us for five minutes before you realise that toys aren’t what they used to be. Adults everywhere talk about how children are more interested in their Nintendo DS or Xbox, but is it any wonder considering some of the toys that are on the shelves?

It is about time proper, traditional toys came back into focus as the leading lights and actually challenged technology. Right now, it seems as if toy companies just don’t care anymore.

TV Trouble

Why is the solution of choice for parents to sit their kids in front of the TV? The funny thing is that children don’t often want to watch TV, but it often seems that it is the only thing available for them to do. Then the child will get told off at some stage for not having any imagination, or complaining they are bored when challenged to do something other than stare at an electric box emitting light and sound.

Quality Time

The lack of quality time kids get with their parents in the modern world is definitely a worry. Added family and financial pressures often mean longer working hours or second jobs, with children in some cases not seeing both of their parents together for days at a time.

In some instances children even find themselves getting to know their child-minder or a friend’s parents better than they do their own Mum and Dad. The real tragedy is when the time does come to be together, and it is spent in front of……..the TV!

Group of children sitting on the grass reading...

 Peer Pressure

This is perhaps one of the biggest issues for children, and is certainly why kids today seem more hungry to be reality television stars rather than be world-leading research scientists or lawyers. It probably hasn’t ever been ‘cool’ to be really bright and clever, but now it seems like it is ‘cool’ to appear silly and lack common sense.  Cases of children hiding their talent and shying away from demonstrating potential are growing as bullying of clever kids becomes more common, too.

Trouble is, kids only get one shot at school, and if they throw away those years they could be resigning themselves to a lifetime of struggle.


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